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Shania Twain


Albums by Shania Twain
(chronologically sorted)

1993 - Shania Twain

1995 - The Woman in Me

1997 - Come on Over

2000 - Wild and Wicked

2001 - The Complete Limelight Session

2002 - Up!

2005 - Send it with love

2005 - Beginnings






Greatest Hits of Shania Twain

1 Any Man of Min
2 Love Gets Me Every Time
3 I'm Holdin' on to Love (To Save My Life)
4 You Win My Love
5 (If You're Not In It For The Love) I'm Outa Here!
6 Rock This Country!
7 If You're Not In It For Love (I'm Out Of Here)
8 No One Needs to Know
9 Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under?
10 That Don't Impress Me Much
11 You're Still the One
12 From This Moment On
13 Man! I Feel Like a Woman!
14 I'm gonna Getcha Good
15 Ka-Ching
16 She's not just a pretty face
17 Forever and for always
18 Up
19 Juanita
20 Na!
21 Waiter, bring me water
22 I ain't gonna down
23 Ain't no particular way
24 Wanna get to know you that good
25 Don't
26 Shoes
27 Party For Two
28 She's Not Just A Pretty Face
29 It Only Hurts When I Am Breathing

Shania Twain Biography - Profile

Birth name: Eileen Regina Edwards

Birthday: August 28, 1965 

Place of birth: Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Nationality: Canadian

Raised in: Timminis, Ontario, Canada

Natural hair color: Brown

Eye color: Green

Height: 162 cm (5'4)

Nicknames: Mutt

Education / Profession: Writer, Musician

Labels: Polygram, Universal, Mercury, Import

Music styles: Pop, Rock, Contemporary, Country

Claim to fame: Album "The Woman in Me" (1995)

> Grammy Awards:
 1998 (You're Still The One - Single), 1999 (Come On Over - Single), 1999 (Man! I Feel Like A Women - Single)
> Juno Awards: 1996 (Entertainer, Vocalist), 1997 (Vocalist, Achivement), 1998 (Vocalist), 2000 (Man! I Feel Like A Women - Songwriter, Artist), 2003 (I'm Gonna Getcha Good - Artist, Fan Choice), 2004 (UP)
> BMI Pop Awards: 1999 (You Are Still The One, From This Moment, Love Gets Me Every Time), 2000 (From This Moment On, Man! I Feel Like A Women, That Don't Impress Me Much, Your Are Still The One, You've Got A Way)
> Echo Awards: 2004
> American Music Awards: 1996, 1997, 1999, 2000



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