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Lisa Marie Presley


Albums by Lisa Marie Presley
(chronologically sorted)

2003 - To Whom It May Concern

2005 - Now What


Greatest Hits of Lisa Marie Presley

1 Lights Out
2 Sinking In
3 Still Loving You
4 So Lovely
5 To Whom It May Concern
5 Dirty Laundry

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Lisa Marie Presley Biography - Profile

Birth name: Lisa Marie Presley

Birthday: February 1, 1968

Place of birth: Memphis, Tennessee, USA

Nationality: USA

Raised in: Texas, USA > Los Angelos, USA

Natural hair color: Brown

Eye color: Brown

Height: 160 cm (5' 3")

Nicknames: ?

Education / Profession: The Westside Apple School, Model, Musician

Labels: Capitol, Emi Records

Music styles: Pop, Rock, Alternative

Claim to fame: To whom it may concern (album) 2003

How it all started: Lisa Marie was born on February 1st 1968, precisely nine months following her parents’ wedding, into a world of luxury, riches – and a lot of media attention.

When Elvis and Priscilla divorced in 1973, she was placed in her mother’s custody, but still spent a lot of her time with her father. When he died on August 16, 1977, she was named in his testament as the heiress to his entire estate.

Her adolescent years were rather turbulent – she was a party animal and an excessive user of alcohol and drugs. Her mother desperately tried solving this in many various ways – and in the end successfuly, at age 18 after going through Scientology’s Purification Program (allegedly introduced to it by John Travolta), Lisa Marie quit her habits and remained drug-free ever since.

Her private life is at length described elsewhere - her marriage to musician Danny Keough with whom she has two children, Danielle Riley and Benjamin Storm, her much-publicized yet short-lived marriage to Michael Jackson – which turned the media’s tone into that of sharp sarcasm – her turbulent relationship with Nicolas Cage. Her charitable work which includes campaign against medicating mentally-handicapped children, her support for the hurricane Katrina victims – towards whom went the proceeds of her 2007 duet with Elvis’ “In the Ghetto” – and other work for beneficial causes doesn’t get quite so much limelight but is as much part of her life – and therefore also her music.

Despite occasional flirtations with the muse, she only released her debut album in 2003 under the name “To Whom It May Concern”. She wrote all of the album’s lyrics and co-wrote some of its music. The album debuted at no. 5 of the Billboard 200 album chart and was certified gold in the same year, going platinum in 2006.

It was followed two years later by “Now What” – which also went platinum in 2006.

She’s obviously not much urged to use music as a means to becoming famous or make money, so she can just take her time and be one of those that have music serving the purpose it was always meant to have – as she puts it: "I got re-inspired. I realized this is what this is for – not me talking everywhere and being all over the place. It’s what I was originally doing, being a music lover and putting out music and hoping people would hear it and it would help someone somewhere."


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