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 Kylie Minogue


Albums by Kylie Minogue
(chronologically sorted)

1988 - "Kylie"

1989 - "Enjoy Yourself"

1990 - "Rhythm Of Love"

1991 - "Let's Get To It"

1994 - "Kylie Minogue"

1997 - "Impossible Princess"

1998 - "Intimate&Live"

2000 - "Light Years"

2001 - "Fever"

2002 - Confide In Me

2003 - Body Language

2007 - X




Greatest Hits of Kylie Minogue

1 Can't Get You Out Of My Head
2 Locomotion
3 Real Thing
4 If You Were Here
5 Confide In Me
6 In Your Eyes
7 Kid
8 Spinning Around
9 Celebration
10 Give Me Just A Little More
11 Did It Again
12 Please Stay
13 Word Is Out
14 Tears On My Pillow
15 I Should Be So Lucky
16 Got To Be Certain
17 It's No Secret
18 Turn It Into Love
19 Love At First Sight
20 Come Into My World
21 Slow
22 Red Blooded Woman
23 Chocolate
24 Fever
25 Obsession
26 Still Standing
27 More More More
28 Burning Up
29 Love Affair
30 Giving You Up
31 I believe In You

Kylie Minogue Biography - Profile

Birth name: Kylie Ann Minogue

Birthday: May 28, 1968 

Place of birth: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia (Bethlehem Hospital)

Nationality: Australian

Raised in: Australia

Natural hair color: Dark Blond

Eye color: Blue

Height: 155 cm (5'1)

Nicknames: Bruiser, Min, Singing Budgie

Education / Profession: Actress, Musician

Labels: Mushroom, Alex Imports, EMI, David Geffen Co., Deconstruction, Capitol, Parlophone

Music styles: Club, Dance, Pop

Claim to fame: Album "Kylie" (1988)

> Brit Awards: 2002
> MTV Video Music Awards: 2002 (Can't Get You Out Of My Head)
> MTV Europe Music Awards: 2002
> DanceStar Music Awards: 2002 (Can't Get You Out Of My Head)

How it all started: May 28, 1968 was the day Kylie Ann Minogue first saw the light of day in Melbourne, Australia, as the first of three children of Ronald Charles Minogue, an accountant with Irish forefathers, and Carol Ann Minogue, former dancer who came to Australia from Wales.

Kylie and her younger sister, Dannii, both started their musical careers quite early. This might seem natural – their mother was a dancer, but it was, as it appears, more the case of nature’s call rather than the mother’s wish – she said she’s never been that keen on their choice of dancing since „it’s such a hard life“.

Be that as it may, young Kylie was eagerly taking piano, tap and jazz lessons and listening to the current musical giants – The Beatles, Abba, Rolling Stones... and making her entrée into the world of Australian showbiz at the age of 11 by acting a part in the TV show “The Sullivans”.

This was soon followed by another minor part in the “Skyways” series and subsequently she landed one of the leading roles in “The Henderson Kids”.

She first sang on telly in 1983 when she was 15 – on the show “Young Talent Time” in which her sister Dannii was already a regular performer, somewhat outshining her sister Kylie’s acting successes at the time.

But in 1986 Kylie was cast as the feisty charming car mechanic Charlene into the then relatively young show, “Neighbours” – and the success was amazing. Fans loved her and the show’s results, especially when her character’s love affair with “Scott Robinson” (Jason Donovan) reached marriage episode, were fantastic.

In 1987 when the show cast were singing at a beneficial concert, Kylie sang the 1962 hit “Loco-Motion”, and because she was heard by a representative of Mushroom Records, this single is now known to the heart and ear of every proper pop fan worthy of the title. They signed her in and the single became Australia’s best selling single of the 1980s.

The success attracted attention of the bigger players – and she and Mushroom Records representative were invited over to London to work with Stock, Aitken & Waterman. Somehow, the recording giant company forgot Minogue – the then one-song beginner from the distant small-market Australia – was coming – but while waiting outside the studio, she and Gary Ashley, the Mushroom Records executive, wrote “I Should Be So Lucky” – and once getting in, she was immediately signed for a 5 year contract.

Minogue’s success that followed is well known. May we add a quote on a personal note from Pete Waterman: 'I love working with her because she has a terrific sense of humour, a fabulous personality and she knows how to really sell a song.''


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