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Kelly Clarkson


Albums by Kelly Clarkson
(chronologically sorted)

2003 - Thankful

2004 - Breakaway

2007 - My December





Greatest Hits of Kelly Clarkson

1 Miss Independent
2 Breakaway
3 The Trouble With Love Is
4 Low
5 A Moment Like This
6 Natural Woman
7 Just Missed The Train
8 Beautiful Disaster
9 Thankful
11 Since You Been Gone
12 Because Of You
13 Sober
14 Never Again
15 Walk Away
16 Behind These Hazel Eyes

Kelly Clarkson Biography - Profile

Birth name: Kelly Brianne Clarkson

Birthday: April 24, 1982 

Place of birth: Burleson, Texas, USA

Nationality: USA

Raised in: Burleson, Texas, USA

Natural hair color: Blond

Eye color: Brown

Height: 163 cm (5' 4)

Nicknames: Kellbelle

Education / Profession: Pauline Hughes Middle School , Actress, Musician

Labels: RCA Records, Studioworks

Music styles: Modern, Pop

First released record:  "A moment like this" (2002)

Claim to fame: American Idol 2002 > A moment like this

> Grammy 2006
> American Idol 2002
> Teen Choice Awards 2003
> MTV VMA 2005, 2006
> World Music Awards 2006

How it all started: Kelly Brianne Clarkson was born on April 24, 1982 in Fort Worth, Texas as the youngest of three children of teacher Jeanne Rose and engineer Stephen Michael Clarkson. When she was six, her parents divorced and their children were divided – Kelly’s brother Jason went to live with her father, her sister Alyssa went to live with their aunt and Kelly alone remained with her mother. They moved a lot around Texas with her mother striving to support the family in various professions, and finally settled in Burleson, Texas, upon her mother’s second marriage to Jimmy Taylor.

Kelly, who according to interviews turned to singing a lot as a means of emotional relief during these difficult times, was once, when in 7th grade, overheard singing at a corridor by her school’s choir master, Ms Cynthia Glenn, and encouraged to become part of the choir. Kelly performed in many school musicals and even toured with her choir overseas with much success.

While at high school (and after) she also took various odd jobs to finance her demo CD, and when no answers were coming to her mail, taking a more direct step and moving to L.A. There she continued in a series of various jobs to make ends meet, though more glamorously, one of them was a minor part in Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Finally, through a mutual friend, she got to work as a female vocalist for songwriter Gerry Goffin and things looked up, but a big bout of bad luck broke out – Gerry Goffin got ill, Kelly’s apartment burnt down, her car was taken – and Kelly was forced, financially and emotionally, to return home.

After a short time, her friend Jessica gave her application papers for American Idol. Some natural hesitations after, Kelly filled them in, signed them, sent them and appeared at an audition. And then just kept appearing, show after show, finding herself on national TV among 30 top contestants – and, on September 4, 2002, winning. Her rendition of the winner’s song, A Moment Like This, was released as a single shortly after and made it to number 1 of Billboard charts – incidentally breaking a 38-years old speed record in rising to number one.

Kelly published her debut album, Thankful, in 2003, and again it soared, its songs, especially Miss Independent, making it double platinum – and Kelly an international star.


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