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Jennifer Lopez


Albums by Jennifer Lopez
(chronologically sorted)

1999 - "On the 6"
2001 - "J.Lo"
2002 - "J To Tha Lo!" (The Remixes)
2002 - "This Is Me Then"
2003 - "Reel Me"
2004 - "Rebirth"
2007 - "Como Ama Una Mujer"
2007 - Brave


Greatest Hits of Jennifer Lopez

1 Play
2 My Love Don't Cost a Thing
3 Waiting for Tonight
4 Let's Get Loud
5 Ain't It Funny
6 If You Had My Love
7 I'm Real
8 I'm Gonna Be Alright
9 Jenny From The Block
10 All I Have
11 I'm Glad
12 Again
13 Still
14 Baby I Love You
15 Hold You Down
16 Get Right
17 Que Hiciste
18 Hold It, Don't Drop It
19 Do It Well

Jennifer Lopez Biography - Profile

Birth name: Jennifer Lopez

Birthday: July 24, 1970 

Place of birth: Bronx, New York, USA

Nationality: USA

Raised in: Bronx, New York, USA

Natural hair color: Brown

Eye color: Brown

Height: 165 cm (5'5)

Nicknames: J Lo, La Lopez, La Guitarra, The Supernova, Jenny Lo

Education / Profession: Catholic school, High School, Actress, Musician, Model

Labels: Sony, Epic

Music styles: Club, Dance, Latin, Pop

Claim to fame: film "Selena" (1997) > music "If you had my love" (1999)

> BMI Pop Awards: 2000 (If you had my love), 2001 (Waiting for tonight)
> MTV Video Music Awards: 2000 (Waiting For Tonight), 2002 (I'm Real)
> MTV Europe Music Awards: 2000, 2001, 2002
> DanceStar Music Awards: 2002
> ALMA Awards: 1998 (Actress), 2000 (Achievement, If you had my love), 2001 (Achievement), 2002 (Love Don't Cost A Thing)
> American Music Awards: 2003, 2007

How it all started: Jennifer Lynn Lopez was born on July 24, 1970 in Bronx, New York, as the middle of three daughters of computer technician David Lopez and his wife Guadalupe. Both her parents come from Puerto Rico but met in New York, having been brought to America already as children.

In the rough neighbourhood of Bronx, the girls’ mother liked to encourage them to fill their free time with worthwhile hobbies and little Jennifer was taking singing and dancing lessons since the age of 5, together with her sisters performing small shows of Latin dancing and many reprisals of the West Side Story – Jennifer’s favourite – even touring New York when she was 7 with her dancing school.

Her taste for dancing and singing stayed with her all through her education, she performed in small-scale musicals and on chorus lines, and also added to her interests softball, tennis, gymnastics and athletics, all engaged in with considerable skill.

When she was 16, she got her first movie role – playing Myra in My Little Girls, also starring Mary Stuart Masterson. No dazzling movie career followed just yet, but the first bite was taken – and apparently it tasted good.

After high school, she got really busy – simultaneously getting a job at a law firm, enrolling at a college and continuing with her dancing lessons at night. The college was the link to break under such pressure – she only stayed there for one semester. Her mother was not too impressed with her daughter dropping out of school and Jennifer left home. 

A year and a half later it almost seemed her mother had been right – Jennifer just failed an audition for a dancer in the Fox show In Living Color and her luck and spirits seemed low. She did however win a place as a dancer in a Japanese tour of Hinton Battle’s show and upon her return, In Living Color called back – to ask her to another audition which she won.

She stayed with the show for two years and afterwards wasn’t short of dancing offers, she appeared for instance in Janet Jackson’s dance videos, but it was acting she was more interested in. She got a role in The Crash of Flight 7, TV series Second Chances, South Central and Hotel Malibu or films like My Family, Jack or Blood and Wine. Her breakthrough came in 1997 when she won the leading role in the film Selena – earning herself a well-deserved nomination for Golden Globe and becoming a big name.

She started looking also in the direction of music. Being a well-recognized showbiz persona who has proven herself in the role of the slain singer Selena, getting a contract with Sony reportedly wasn’t that difficult really. She appeared in Puff Daddy’s video, sang a duet with Marc Anthony (her future husband), finally releasing her first album in 1999, with a symbolical name On the 6. 6 was the line she would take travelling full of hope to her dancing school and auditions as a kid.

The album spawned such hits as Let’s Get Loud, If You Had My Love or Waiting for Tonight that made the world sing along. And it made J-Lo one of the very few people – amongst many trying in vain – which are truly successful in both music and film.


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