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Gloria Estefan


Albums by Gloria Estefan
(chronologically sorted)

1977 - Renacer
1978 - Miami Sound Machine
1979 - Imported
1980 - MSM
1981 - Otra Vez
1982 - Rio
1984 - A Toda Maquina
1984 - Eyes Of Innocence
1986 - Primitive Love
1987 - Let It Loose
1988 - Anything For You
1989 - Cuts Both Ways
1990 - Exitos De Gloria Estefan
1991 - Into The Light
1993 - Mi Tierra
1993 - Christmas Through Your Eyes
1994 - Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me
1995 - Abriendo Puertas
1996 - Destiny
1998 - Gloria
2000 - Alma Caribena
2003 - Unwrapped
2007 - 90 Millas


Greatest Hits of Gloria Estefan

1 Conga
2 Turn The Beat Around
3 Rhythm Is Gonna Get You
4 Hoy
6 Everlasting Love
7 Get On Your Feet
8 Here we are
9 Anything For You
10 Reach
11 Can't Stay Away From You
12 Words Get In The Way
13 Mi tierra
14 Coming Out Of The Dark
15 Wrapped
16 Christmas Through Your Eyes
17 Always Tomorrow
18 Bad Boys
19 Dr. Beat
20 Hot Summer nights
21 No Llores
22 Me Odio
23 Your Picture
24 I Wish You

Gloria Estefan Biography - Profile

Birth name: Gloria Maria Fajardo

Birthday: September 1, 1957

Place of birth: Havana, Cuba

Nationality: USA

Raised in: Miami, Fl, USA

Natural hair color: Brown

Eye color: Brown

Height: 157 cm (5'2)

Nicknames: ?

Education / Professionsion: Actor

Labels: Epic / Sony

Music styles: Dance, Pop, Latin, Club

First released record: "Reancer"  - 1977

Claim to fame: Conga

> Grammy Awards 1994, 1996, 2001
> World Music Awards: 1989, 1997
> World Music Awards: 1994
> Alma Awards: 1999
> American Music Awards: 1989, 2000

How it all started: Gloria Marķa Fajardo was born on September 1, 1957 in Havana, Cuba. Her father was a bodyguard to president Fulgencio Batista’s wife and when Gloria was two and Castro succeeded in his military overthrow of the Batista’s regime in 1959, the Fajardo family were forced to emigrate into the United States.

Her father, a Cuban soldier, got recruited into the American funded Cuban refugees brigade which participated in the unsuccessful 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion. He also served two years in Vietnam in the American Army, his exposure to Agent Orange in the Vietnamese jungles possibly led to his multiple sclerosis which he was diagnosed with some time after his return.

This meant a change in the Fajardo family. Gloria’s mother had to take up work to support the family and Gloria assumed the care of her ill father and her younger sister. When young, she used to take lessons in classical guitar, finding it simply tedious, but it was in these times of pressure that she really found music her escape. In an interview she said she would spend hours singing in her room to let it all out – and to enjoy it.

In 1975 she met Emilio Estefan, leader of a band called Miami Latin Boys playing popular Latin music. They didn’t have a lead singer. When they met again – at a wedding where the Miami Latin Boys were singing, Emilio invited Gloria to join them and a couple of weeks later asked her to become part of the band. So she did – initially at weekends only, before she finished her university, and a year and a half after that fully. The band changed their name to Miami Sound Machine and put out their first album, Renacer.

In 1978 Gloria and Emilio were married and in 1980 their son Nayib was born – and the band inked a deal with Hispanic division of CBS Records. Until 1983, Miami Sound Machine produced four albums in Spanish which brought them success especially in Latin American countries – though not so much in the U.S. However with their first English album, Eyes of Innocence, and especially its single Dr. Beat, they hit the charts in the Northern hemisphere as well. Having changed label to a parent Epic, they confirmed their success with album Primitive Love which was their first fully English one and brought a series of hits such as Words Get In the Way. Their success continued and in 1988 the band, with its ever-changing personnel, changed its name to Gloria Estefan and The Miami Sound Machine. In 1989 the name Miami Sound Machine was dropped altogether with the band members being fired and Gloria Estefan became a solo artist, though Miami Sound Machine, in its currrent set-up, remains her backing band. In 1989, Gloria also released her album, Cuts Both Ways, which to this day remains her most successful one. Her success continues, though she still has an unfulfilled dream – a free concert in a free Cuba.


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