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Geri Halliwell


Albums by Geri Halliwell
(chronologically sorted)

1999 - Schizophonic
2001 - Scream If You Wanna Go Faster
2001 - Official & Exclusive
2004 - Ride It
2005 - Passion

Greatest Hits of Geri Halliwell

1 Look At Me
2 Mi Chico Latino
3 It's Raining Men
4 Scream If You Wanna Go Faster
5 Calling
6 Ride Me
7 Destiny
8 Bag It Up
9 Feel Like Sexy
10 Walkaway

Geri Halliwell Biography - Profile

Birth name: Geraldine Estelle Halliwell

Birthday: August 6, 1972

Place of birth: Watford, England

Nationality: English

Raised in: Watford, England

Natural hair color: Brown

Eye color: Blue

Height: 155 cm (8'2)

Nicknames: Ginger Spice, La Enana, Caquitas

Education / Profession: Musician, Singer

Labels: EMI, Capitol

Music styles: Pop, Dance

Claim to fame: The Spice Girls

> Brit Awards: Spice Girls (2000 / 1998 / 1997)
> BMI Pop Awards: Spice Girls (1998)

How it all started: Geraldine Estelle Halliwell was born to a Spanish mother and an English/Swedish father in Watford, UK, on August 6, 1972. After taking her A-Levels at Camden School for Girls, she worked as a dancer, a presenter on a Turkish game show and a glamour model. In 1994 she responded to an ad inviting applicants for an all-girl vocal band – and became one fifth of the most successful girl band of the nineties as Ginger Spice.

The Spice Girls released their debut single in 1996. The single was Wannabe and immediately hit number one in 31 countries – with Spice Girls continuing to become the phenomenon they were. Geri Halliwell was the first to leave the group in May 1998, as rumours had it, due to internal conflicts.

Shortly after leaving the group, she apeared in a short Channel 4 documentary, Geri, and in the autumn of 1998 became a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations. She confirmed her solo career with her first album, Schizophonic, which was released in 1999. More albums soon followed and she remains the most successful solo singing Spice.


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