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Fun Lovin' Criminals


Albums by Fun Lovin' Criminals
(chronologically sorted)

1995 - Fun Lovin' Criminals

1996 - Come Find Yourself

1998 - 100% Colombian

2003 - Welcome To Poppy's

Greatest Hits of Fun Lovin' Criminals

1  Scooby Snacks
2  King Of New York
3  The Fun Lovin' Criminal
4  Loco
5  The Grave And The Constant
6  Love Unlimited
7  We Have All The Time In The World
8  Korean Bodega
9  Up On The Hill
10  Bump

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Fun Lovin' Criminals Biography - Profile

Foundation:  1993 - New York

Band Members: Fast (Bass), Steve (Drums), Huey (Vocals - Guitar)

First released record 1995 - Fun Lovin' Criminals

Claim to fame: Album "Come find yourself" (1996)  

Labels: EMI, Chrysalis, Import, Capitol 

Music styles: Alternative, Rap, Pop - Rock  

> Q Awards: 1997


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