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Diana Ross


Albums by Diana Ross
(chronologically sorted)

1970 - Diana Ross
1970 - Everything Is Everything
1971 - Surrender
1972 - Lady Sings The Blues
1973 - Touch Me In The Morning
1973 - Diana & Marvin
1973 - Last Time I Saw Him
1976 - Diana Ross
1976 - Baby, It's Me
1978 - Ross
1979 - The Boss
1980 - Diana
1981 - To Love Again
1981 - Why Do Fools Fall In Love?
1982 - Silk Electric
1983 - Ross
1984 - Swept Away
1995 - Abriendo Puertas
1985 - Eaten Alive
1987 - Red Hot Rhythm & Blues
1989 - Workin' Overtime
1991 - The Force Behind the Power
1993 - When You Dream
1994 - A Very Special Season
1995 - Take Me Higher
1996 - Voice of Love
1999 - Every Day Is A New Day
2006 - Blue

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Greatest Hits of Diana Ross

1 Upside Down
2 I'm Coming Out
3 Ain't No Mountain High Enough
4 Love Hangover
6 Chain Reaction
7 Touch Me In The Morning
8 If We Hold On Together
9 I'm Still Waiting
10 Reach
11 The Boss
12 It's My Turn
13 Endless Love
14 Last Time I saw Him
15 Take Me Higher
16 Missing You
17 You Can't Hurry Love
18 Muscles
19 Baby Love
20 When You Tell Me That You Love Me
21 Remember Me
22 Theme From Mahogany
23 Stop! In the Name Of Love
24 Where Did Our Love Go
25 Reflections
26 Not Over You Yet
27 The Long And Winding Road
28 Imagine
29 No One Gets The Prize
30 Do You Know Where You're Going To

Diana Ross Biography - Profile

Birth name : Diane Ernestine Earle Ross

Birthday: March 26, 1944 

Place of birth: Detroit, Michigan, USA

Nationality: USA

Raised in: Detroit, Michigan, USA

Natural hair color: Black

Eye color: Black

Height: 164 cm (5' 4")

Nicknames: Blackie, Queen of Motown, Supreme Diva

Education / Profession: Actor Musician

Labels: Motown Records, Emi, Sony, Capitol, RCA, Mercury

Music styles: Pop, Soul, Disco

First released record: The Primettes: "Tears of Sorrow"   - 1960

Claim to fame: The Supremes: "Where Did Our Love Go" 1964

> World Music Awards: 1974, 1975, 1981, 1982, 1983
> World Music Awards: 1996
> Other: Golden Globes Award 1973, Soul Train Award 1995, Tony Award 1977

How it all began: Diane Ernestine Earle Ross was born the second of six children to Fred and Ernestine Ross on March 26, 1944 in Detroit, Michigan. She spent her childhood in various housing projects and her family didn’t boast a very high income, but she refers to her childhood memories as happy, always having what they needed, a good life and a warm, loving family environment. She says she only found out later that where they lived was officially a ghetto.

Reportedly, Diana Ross suffered from an almost paralyzing shyness since a childhood and joining her local baptist church choir took a lot of courage – but join it she did and even applied for a role in a school musical when she was 15. She was turned down – but based on the audition, she was invited to join a newly forming girl vocal group, the Primettes – female counterpart of the boy group the Primes.

The Primettes – which also included Florence Ballard and Mary Wilson, her later co-stars in the supremely successful Supremes – kept her singing throughout her time at Cass Technical High School where she studied fashion design and sewing. During that time, they were introduced to Motown Records by Smokey Robinson and met producer Berry Gordy. His advice to them was to finish high school and come back – and so they did in 1962, signing a contract and changing their name to Supremes – a name Ross wasn’t particularly fond of by the way.

After many singles and singing background vocals, Supremes scored in the national charts with their song “Let Me Go the Right Way” and joined touring the Motor Town Revue – taking the lead when another of their songs, “Where Did Our Love Go”, made their first national number one. Their success was growing at rocket speed, Ross became the group’s leading vocalist and in 1967, as Florence Ballard was replaced by Cindy Birdsong, the group’s name was changed to Diana Ross and the Supremes.

In 1969, singing the last single with the Supremes – with a melancholy name “Someday, We’ll Be Together Again” – Diana Ross went solo.


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